Some English !
(Egil Michaelsen)


It would have been nice if you sent me a mail!


Alle bildene på disse sidene tilhører meg,
Egil Michaelsen
Bildene må ikke brukes kommersielt uten at jeg blir kontaktet.
Setter og pris på å bli kontaktet uansett hva bildene skal brukes til.

It is important to notice that all of these pictures in this site, belongs to me, Egil Michaelsen.

You are not allowed to use these pictures for any commercial work without contacting me!
I would appreciate to hear if the pictures are used for some other reason.

I am sorry that all text in these pages are in norwegian. It would have taken too much time for me to maintain all pages in two languages.

I can inform that there is a link to a spreadsheet which contains all my species, and in this spreadsheet I have also the latin name of all the plants. In one of the tabs of this spreadsheet, it is also sorted on the latin name.

Here is the link!